Anastasia is an angel!
Her knowledge and implementation of acupuncture to heal the body is unmatched!
Anyone considering acupuncture for the first time will be in excellent hands!
If you have had acupuncture before and are looking for a change, you will not believe what you were missing!
She truly is the best!


I went to see Anastasia for Raynaud's Syndrome. I had been to a medical doctor and been given the lovely advice to 'keep your hands and feet warm'. I researched Raynaud's online and found no real solution for it.

Anastasia suggested that I had some issues with posture and muscle tightness causing the problem. After 2 sessions with her, I noticed HUGE results. I spent the weekend with friends and swam in an outdoor pool. I was shivering from the coldness of the pool, but my hands and feet remained normal. No numbness and no loss of color/blood. This is really progress for me. The last time I swam in the same pool, I had to get out because of my hands.

I have had 4 treatments from Anastasia so far and can honestly say that she altered my health for the good. My posture is improved and the Raynaud's is no longer a humiliating issue.

Thank you Anastasia.


I had scoliosis surgery (spinal fusion) 12 years ago, and have chronic back pain in my lower back, my neck and my shoulder blade. I also have a hard time falling asleep, and staying asleep, and I have nightmares pretty consistently.

Since seeing Anastasia just twice, I've been falling asleep faster, sleeping through the night, and not having nightmares. I've also had much less back pain, and the worst pain (in my shoulder blade) has not returned at all. I'm sold on Acupuncture!


"For decades I have suffered from eczema. Serious outbreaks affected every aspect of my life from loss of sleep (waking up scratching) to my self esteem (disfiguring sores on my face). The only solutions that western medicine provided were steroid based creams, pills, and injections. Since undergoing treatment with Ms. Hall, I have had no serious outbreaks whatsoever. Though I approached acupuncture with a tremendous amount of skepticism, I have experienced results that have far outshone anything that western medicine has had to offer. I am eternally grateful to Ms. Hall for all that she has done for me and for my sense of well-being."


"I had mostly given up on ever living without shoulder pain before starting acupuncture with Anastasia. An ambiguous "stress injury" 7 years before had left me with a horrible clicking noise in my left shoulder, intense pain and headaches. My primary care doctor, an osteopath, and the occasional spa massage had not been able to help for more than a brief interlude. So I was blown away that after only 2 treatments with Anastasia my pain was gone and has stayed away! I feel safe and relaxed in her care and find my appointments with her not only physically helpful but emotionally restorative and inspiring. I am incredibly grateful for the benefit Anastasia has been to my life."


As a life-long competitive athlete and Clinical Exercise Specialist, I give Anastasia Hall my highest recommendation! I work with the human body every day and use my own in ways most people wouldn't think of. Anastasia Hall knows the human body, how it works and plays, and what it means to be truly healthy. She has a gentle touch and a powerful desire to help people get well and feel great! I've recommended her to my clients and I recommend her to whoever reads this. Anastasia Hall is fantastic at what she does!


After a cycling injury, I suffered from Ulnar Nerve Neuropathy and seriously was considering having an operation (called anterior submuscular transposition) after a consult with a doctor. I was at a real loss as I am an avid cyclist and also a musician and had pretty much lost all sensation and functionality of my pinky and ring-finger, as well as suffering the incredible frustration that went with it. After doing some research with Anastasia, we decided to have a several acupuncture sessions that focused on my Ulnar nerve and other areas that were common to this type of neuropathy.

I have to say that Anastasia is a LIFESAVER!!! Within a few sessions, I not only had sensation back, but also could use my hand again as if nothing happened! She knows her stuff and really takes the time and effort to understand the needs of her clients. Not to mention having a great understanding of the nervous system, and how her craft applies to it. I owe her BIG-TIME!


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